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Earl Beardie – the 4th Earl of Crawford

Earl Beardie is one of the most notorious and interesting ghosts associated with Glamis Castle.
Alexander Lindsay, the 4th Earl of Crawford is reputed to haunt a walled-up chamber, high up in the uninhabited West Tower of Glamis Castle.
Legend has it that the Earl was a cruel and indulgent man thrown down the stone staircase after being accused of cheating in a poker game with Lord Glamis and two other Scottish chieftains.
Returning to his room in a drunken rage Earl Beardie is said to have started shouting that if no man would play with him he would play with the very “devil” himself.

The wager – A purse of Rubies

The words were barely out of his mouth when a tall dark man, wearing a long cloak, walked into the room and asked if he still needed a partner.
The wager was a purse full of rubies for the soul of Earl Beardie, Alexander Lindsay eagerly agreed, and both men went to a secluded room in the west tower of Glamis Castle to play cards.

Mind your own business

A loyal servant had advised Alexander Lindsay the 4th Earl of Crawford that it was sacrilege to play cards on the Sabbath.
Curiosity got the better of him and he looked through the keyhole after hearing an almighty commotion behind the closed door.
The servant was immediately blinded by a bright beam of light, at the same moment Alexander Lindsay burst from the room and set about him for being spied upon.

The Fate of Earl Beardie

Earl Beardie returned to the room and the stranger, who is thought to be the Devil, had disappeared along with his eternal Soul, lost in a game of cards.
It is not known what happened after that but the tall dark man was never seen again and Alexander Lindsay died five years afterwards.
The ghost of Earl Beardie has been heard on numerous occasions, stamping has feet and swearing at “something” in the room at Glamis Castle.
A popular belief is that the tall dark man was the “devil” and that “Earl Beardie” had indeed “sold his soul” as a result of the gambling.

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