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The Haunted Chamber of Glamis Castle

The Haunted Chamber of Glamis Castle, is thought to have got it’s name from the feuding days when a number of the Ogilvy Clan were starved to death in Glamis castle.
In 1486, the Ogilvy Clan, were hiding from the Lindsay Clan and sought refuge in Glamis Castle, the Earl of Strathmore had little sympathy for the Ogilvy Clan, and on the pretence of hiding them, he secured the visitors in a remote spot of the Castle and literally left them there to starve to death.

The horror discovered

Many years passed and the latest Lord Strathmore and some companions went to the Haunted Chamber following many disturbances said to have come from that part of the Castle.

The Ancestor of the original Lord Strathmore is said to have collapsed when he encountered the contents of the unventilated chamber.

Piles of skeletons lay twisted and contorted in the last agonies of starvation. Some are even thought to have died in the act of eating the flesh from their own arms.

Image by Eliane Meyer from Pixabay