Academy boss ‘ordered schools to cheat on Sats tests’

Image caption Former head Suzanne Barham says her academy chain boss told her to give.

The desperate head teacher battling unpaid school bills

A head teacher has risked her job by inviting BBC Panorama to film the financial.

Dr Jordan Peterson: ‘Anti-Islam shirt’ behind fellowship U-turn

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Dr Jordan Peterson’s offer of a Cambridge University visiting.

Reinstate LGBT classes, says Sir Michael Wilshaw

Image caption Sir Michael Wilshaw said the No Outsiders programme should be reinstated but schools.

Police probe ‘inappropriate pupil restraint’ at school

Image caption The video shows a child being restrained by two adults A school for.

Birmingham LGBT row: Parkfield School protests resume

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionParents protest again about LGBT teaching at.

Dr Jordan Peterson: Cambridge University fellowship rescinded

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Dr Jordan Peterson’s views on gender and race have.

Every school ‘needs dog to stop stress’

Every school should have a dog or another pet to reduce stress in the classroom,.

Oxford teenager: 'I live in fear of knives'

Teenagers tell of their first-hand knowledge of deadly crime. Source link

Campaigners say they want Birmingham LGBT teaching abolished

Five schools in Birmingham have stopped teaching about LGBT rights following complaints by parents. Amir.