‘The measles has made my life hell’

Jane Stanton’s life dramatically changed after contracting measles, and is calling for people to take-up.

New brain cells made throughout life

Image copyright Getty Images People keep making new brain cells throughout their lives (well at.

Story time with e-books ‘not as helpful’ as print books

Image copyright Getty Images Parents and children interact less when reading electronic books together than.

Instagram cleaners: Using housework as therapy

Harriet Knock shares cleaning tips on Instagram and encourages people to talk about mental health..

Transplant service at ‘breaking point’

Image copyright BSIP/Getty Images “She wanted life to go back to what it was before.

Detailed images of baby heart inside the womb

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWatch how the foetus jumps around the.

Advertising watchdog rules fake autism ‘cure’ adverts must stop

Advertising watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered 150 homeopaths operating in the UK.

‘Baby Grady’ gives hope to infertile boys with cancer

Image copyright Oregon Health and Science University Image caption Grady aged 11 months old Scientists.

Hancock slammed for DNA test over-reaction

Image caption England’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, wants the NHS to embrace genomics technology England’s.

Assisted dying: Doctors’ group adopts neutral position

Image copyright Getty Images Hospital doctors have dropped their 13-year opposition to the concept of.