Carolyn Harris: Teach children about menopause to end taboo

The menopause is still a taboo subject and many women are unprepared for that phase.

Flash glucose monitoring patch service for NHS patients

Theresa May wears a flash glucose monitoring patch to control her diabetes, and the availability.

Theresa May on Northern Ireland issues in Brexit talks

Theresa May spoke about people trafficking, security threats and cyber security issues raised at the.

Brussels: UK PM questioned in Brussels on Brexit

The UK PM is asked about keeping the promises she has made to Brexiteers, former.

Sir Paul Beresford struggles with Scottish accent

New Zealand-born Conservative MP Sir Paul Beresford struggles to understand a question from the SNP’s.

Oxford Conservatives Bullingdon Club ban overturned

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Bullingdon Club dates back centuries Oxford University’s Conservative.

Brexit transition extension would be 'for a matter of months'

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says an option being considered is extending the post-Brexit transition.

Brexit: Row erupts over Commons ‘meaningful vote’

Image copyright Reuters Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has riled some MPs after appearing to suggest.

Brexit: Commons vote must be ‘unequivocal’, says Raab

Image copyright UK Parliament/Mark Duffy The decision on whether MPs approve or reject any Brexit.

John Bercow: Labour MPs urged not to ‘confuse’ Brexit and Commons bullying

Image copyright Houses of Parliament The Labour leadership has distanced itself from suggestions by some.