Nasa’s New Horizons probe on course for historic flyby

Image copyright NASA Image caption Artwork: At this stage, scientists can only speculate what Ultima.

Seal pups across the UK are ‘at risk from toxic chemicals’

Although banned decades ago, man-made chemical compounds, once manufactured in vast quantities, have amassed in.

Waste plan floats bottle deposit scheme

Image copyright Getty Images Consumers will have to pay a returnable deposit on bottles, cans.

Pterosaurs: Fur flies over feathery fossils

Image copyright Yuan Zhang/Nature Ecology & Evolution Image caption What pterosaurs might have looked like.

Hastings dinosaur footprints exposed by cliff erosion

Image copyright University of Cambridge/Neil Davies Image caption Two large Iguanodontian footprints with skin and.

Climate change: The massive CO2 emitter you may not know about

Image copyright Getty Images Cement is the most widely used man-made material in existence. It.

Climate change: Five things we’ve learnt from COP24

Image copyright Kiara Worth/IISD/ENB Delegates to the UN climate conference in Poland have reached agreement.

Nations agree rulebook on climate change

Nearly 200 nations agree rules on implementing 2015 Paris agreement at UN climate conference after.

Katowice: UN climate talks stand-off continues

Image copyright Getty Images Climate talks in Poland have gone into an extra day as.

UN climate talks extended due to sticking points in Poland

Image copyright Getty Images Climate talks in Poland have continued through the night as negotiators.