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The History of Mincemeat Pies

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Mincemeat Pies have a long history, the origins of this Christmas treat can be traced back to the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

The Crusaders brought the mince pie from the Holy Land during the 11th century, originally called a manger pie, the early Christmas treats were made in a cradle shaped casing, with an effigy of the Christ Child on top.

The baby was removed by the children and the humble mincemeat pie become widely eaten in celebration of the Christmas Miracle.

Modern adaptations of the Mince pies have kept this connection alive by adding a star on top, to represent the Christmas Star which led the shepherds and Magi to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

The Mincemeat Pie grew smaller over the years and the shape gradually changed from the oblong cradle shape to the round familiar shape of mincemeat pies.

Christmas Tradition states that eating a mincemeat pie on each of the twelve days of Christmas ending with Epiphany, will bring the mince pie eater good luck throught the year.

Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan Council abolished Christmas on December 22, 1657. He considered the humble mincemeat pie a guilty, forbidden pleasure.

The traditional mincemeat pie was banned untill King Charles II restored Christmas when he ascended the throne in 1660.

Mincemeat pies Image by Anita Smith from Pixabay