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Be Kind – Vaccine Passports

Leading lights of the hospitality industry are once again asking members of the public to Be Kind when it comes to dealing with staff this weekend – as the dreaded vaccine passport rules are enforced.

Graham Chalmers of Radisson RED Glasgow – who launched the campaign early this year to help staff adjust to work post-lockdowns – has rallied musicians and venue owners to ask customers to understand staff are just doing their jobs, in a bid to prevent abuse or worse as workers are forced to demand evidence of double vaccines.

“The #bekindtohospitality campaign is all about the entire industry in all its forms coming together for the good of workers across the board.

“So while some of us are not necessarily directly impacted by new measures like the vaccine passport, it’s vital that we continue to shine a light on our friends and colleagues who ARE facing this difficult implementation and policy.

“Staff in nightclubs, music venues and indeed large-scale events will likely face abuse and unfair treatment by some members of the public who are unhappy with the measures – we just ask that everyone remember workers are only doing their jobs and in many cases won’t agree with the policies they HAVE to adhere to.

“As always, we just ask that wherever you go, just be patient, be respectful, be kind.”

Graham Chalmers, Radisson RED Glasgow

“We all want life to go back to normal but it’s worth keeping in mind that the restrictions are not down to the staff in venues, like all of us they’re just doing their jobs

If you’re heading out somewhere affected by the vaccine passport rules please try and remember that those working at the venue will be doing everything they can to make the best of what might be a difficult situation at first, so please do what you can to help them.

You’ll probably find that a lot of staff disagree with the new policies but they have no choice – so please, don’t take it out on them.

We all want to be out enjoying music properly again, let’s do what we can to make things as normal and as safe as possible in the meantime.

It might be frustrating, it might make no sense, if you’re standing in a queue it might be bloody freezing but if we treat those who work at our venues with respect and decency it’ll make it a lot easier for them to get to grips with the new rules and the closer we’ll all be to enjoying life more or less in the way we did before. Please be kind to hospitality.”

Jon Fratelli

“The reopening of the late-night economy has been very welcome after such a long time, but it has brought many additional pressures to bear on staff, many of whom were furloughed for 18 months.

There are so many existing issues, then throw in the confusion around ‘vaccine passport’ checks imposed by Scottish Government on late night venues, and it’s small wonder that people become impatient waiting to enter venues or to get served at the bar.

This is why it’s really important for everyone to BE KIND to hospitality staff!

Our staff are only trying to do their jobs, often in difficult circumstances imposing policies they don’t necessarily personally agree with, and they should never be subjected to any form of abuse as a result.

It costs nothing to be patient and polite and it’s within everyone’s gift to simply show kindness to hospitality workers.”

Mike Grieve

Chairperson, NTIA Scotland

& Managing Director, Sub Club

“The conditions our staff and operators are working under are simply intolerable – it’s almost impossible to provide the rich nightlife our country deserves and has always offered.

Now on top of all the existing issues and curbs on freedoms – because that’s what they are – the vaccine passport fiasco is going to have a huge impact on businesses, on staff and indeed on customers who won’t be allowed to patronise the venues of their choice due to their own medical choices.

I’m seriously concerned about the backlash staff will face as they are forced to turn away members of the public and enforce a system that’s intrusive and simply doesn’t work.

Please be kind to staff – it’s not their fault, their choice or their decision. Your anger should NOT be directed at them, but at the government.”

Donald MacLeod, Holdfast Entertainment, Garage, Cathouse and more

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