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How to grow your own courgettes

Courgettes are full of flavour and learning to grow your own courgettes is easier than you imagine, if you’ve never tried growing your own vegetables, this is the ideal plant to get you started, in ideal conditions you can be picking fresh courgettes roughly 6 weeks after sowing.

Sowing Your Courgette Seeds

Although technically a fruit, courgettes are always treated as vegetables, cropping is so prolific  that only two or three plants should be enough to keep you going through the entire summer.

we sow courgette seeds in 3 inch pots anytime between April and the end of May, the pot are filled with compost and the courgette seed is planted standing upright about an inch deep in the pot before being watered and placed in a propogator or simply placed at the window.

Transplanting Courgettes

We transplant the courgettes to a 5 inch pots once the roots begin to show through the bottom of the original pot and plant out into growing bags or straight into the soil once the plants are well established.
Note: Courgette flowers are edible and are often used to dress a meal or to garnish the cooked fruit.

Buying Courgette Seeds

Courgettes are the plants that just keeps on giving. A great way to start food growing for the beginner as once established they produce an abundance of lovely courgettes.

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