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How to grow your own Spring Onions

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Spring Onions are one of the easiest salad crops, learning how to grow your own spring onions is easy in our own garden, you can be enjoying the fantastic taste of home grown spring onions roughly two months after planting a packet of spring onion seeds.

Planting spring onions

Planting Spring Onions couldn’t be easier, simply sow your spring onion seeds regularly in drills about eight inches apart to achieve a long harvest period. Sow regularly throughout the season to achieve a long harvest period.a this makes them ideal for growing between rows of slower growing vegetables, this year we have planted them between beetroot and shallots, the next sowing will be between radishes to keep a continuous crop of this salad favourite.

Harvesting spring onions

Most spring onions are ready for harvest in about 2 months, the small bulbs are perfect for salads, many varieties can be left longer and can also be used for overwintering, by sowing in late August, through to October an earlier crop can be enjoyed by the end of spring.

Spring Onion Varieties

There are many types of Spring Onions, links to seeds are shown below

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