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How to grow your own tomatoes

You can’t beat the taste of home grown tomatoes, learning how to grow your own tomatoes is easy, the taste and texture are far better than the varieties you can buy in the supermarket, as an added bonus you can even grow many of them outside which removes the need for an expensive greenhouse.

Planting Tomato Seeds

Sprinkle your tomato seed thinly on the surface of good quality seed compost, cover lightly, water well and your seeds should germinate in about a week or so, when your precious seedlings are large enough to handle transplant them carefully into 3 inch pots and continue growing on until the tomato plants are about 12 inches high and ready to plant out in your garden.

Make sure when you plant them the bottom leaves are covered, these will form roots and ensure your plant has a good supply of water and is sturdy enough to withstand some of the nasty elements mother nature is bound to throw at them.

Types of Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be bush, cordon or vine varieties, the side shoots are usually removed from the cordon varieties but are allowed to grow on bush or vines.

Buying Tomato Seeds

Growing tomato plants from seed is significantly cheaper than buying plants, tomatoes are so easy to grow and the satisfaction you’ll feel when picking juicy plump tomatoes that you’ve grown from seed is what the gardening process is all about.

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