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Caithness Glass: beautiful hand crafted paperweights

Caithness Glass is best known for its beautiful hand crafted paperweights, which have gained a reputation as being the finest in the world.

Caithness Glass first started production in 1961 from Harrowhill, Wick, and took their inspiration for designs and colours from the Scottish Highlands, the blue of the Lochs, and the subtle tones of Heathers are visible in the earliest paperweights produced by the company.

Caithness paperweights are now highly collectable and a host of famous designers include: Colin Terris, Margot Thomson, Alastair MacIntosh, Philip Chaplain and Helen MacDonald.

How to Identify Caithness glass

All Caithness Limited edition’s are marked on the base Caithness Scotland together with the name of the paperweight and the edition number.

Another system of numbering was introduced in 1983 for the unlimited production paperweights, this consisted of a letter to denote the year starting beginning with A (1983), B (1984), followed by the number of unlimited paperweights produced so far.

Every unique Caithness paperweight is now individually handcrafted in Crieff, Perth.

Good examples of Caithness Paperweights include:

Pink Champagne, Congratulations and Cauldron.

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