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Errol Car Boot Sale: 1st choice for cool collectors

Errol Car Boot Sale during the Summer months is extremely busy, but many bargains can still be picked up there.

Car Boot Sales have replaced the traditional markets like: Antique Fairs, flea markets, jumble sales and garage sales, indeed car boot sales are now visited by viewers watching television programmes such as Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic searching for the many hidden gems on which a nice profit can be made.

Why Errol Car Boot Sale

As a designer and writer looking for something a little different, I often pay a visit to the many car boot sales around Dundee.
I personally find Errol the best for bargains and will be publishing an occasional article about some of the more collectable items found on display there.

Get to know the sellers of collectable items
I feel quite at home visiting the various boot sales around the region and have got to know many of the fascinating vendors who buy and sell unusual objects.
Most are passionate about what they do and will gladly offer advice if needed.

My favourite feeling is that sense of serendipity when you find an item you weren’t looking for, this happens daily at markets and car boot sales throughout the country.
Our very own local boot car sales and markets are are no exception to this rule.

Finding a bargain at car boot sales around Tayside is not always easy, but armed with a little knowledge most people can find that elusive bargain tucked away somewhere.
My articles are designed to give readers basic advice on identifying some of the more common collectable items on display around Dundee.

A series of Collectable items

During the coming months I will be covering topics as diverse as: Ceramics and China, Precious Metals, Glass and Crystal and a host of other collectable objects which are on sale at car boot sales throughout Dundee and Angus.
To date my articles include:

Here is a rundown of local car boot sales in the the wider area
Errol Car Boot Sale
Errol hosts the largest car boot sale in the area and attracts thousands of visitors every Sunday, visitors to Errol can still pick up boot sale bargains here and make a handsome profit by flogging them off on sites such as ebay and Gumtree.

Errol car boot sale: Errol Airfield situated in the Carse of Gowrie

Saturday and Sunday 8.30am – 3pm

Tel Morris Leslie on: 01821 642940.

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