You are currently viewing Wade Whimsies – Charming Ceramic Collectables since 1954

Wade Whimsies – Charming Ceramic Collectables since 1954

Wade Whimsies are a highly collectable range of miniature porcelain figurines produced by Wade Potteries.

Often referred to as collectables with charm, the original series featured a cast of adorable animals which have become popular collector’s items, Wade Whimsies are widely sought after and are suitable for collectors of all ages and budgets.

The Original Wade Whimsies

The original series of Whimsies were produced between 1954 and 1958 and the ten sets produced between that period have become some of the most valuable whimsies to date.

Set one is English Animals – Leaping fawn, horse, spaniel with ball, poodle and squirrel.

Set two is English Animals – Bull, lamb, kitten, hare and dachshund.

Set three is English Country Animals – Badger, fox cub, stoat, Shetland pony and retriever.

Set four is African Jungle Animals – Lion, crocodile, monkey and baby, rhino, baby elephant.

Set five – Horses – this has only 4 pieces in the set – 3 horses and a beagle dog.

Set six – Polar animals – penguin, husky, polar bear, baby seal and polar bear cub.

Set seven – Pedigree dogs – Alsatian, west highland terrier, corgi, boxer and saint Bernard.

Set eight – Zoo animals – camel, cockatoo, giant panda, lion cub and llama.

Sex nine – North American animals – snowy owl, Raccoon, grizzly bear, grizzly cub and cougar.

Set ten – Farm animals – pig. Italian goat, foxhound, shire horse and swan.

Other Wade Sets

Between 1971 and 1984 Wade sold 60 different models in individual boxes. They were produced in sets of 5 animals, the first 5 sets were based on 25 of the Red Rose Tea Canada models. Seven further sets were added containing 35 new animals.

Set 1: Fawn, Rabbit, Mongrel, Kitten and Spaniel.

Set 2: Duck, Corgi, Beaver. Bushbaby and Fox.

Set 3: Bear Cub, Otter, Setter, Owl and Trout.

Set 4: Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Chimpanzee and Hippo.

Set 5: Squirrel, Hedgehog, Pine Marten, Field Mouse and Alsation.

Set 6: Collie, Cow, Pig, Horse and lamb.

Set 7: Rhino, Leopard, Gorilla, Camel and Zebra.

Set 8: Donkey, barn Owl, Cat, Mouse and Ram.

Set 9: Dolphin, Pelican, Angel Fish, Turtle and Seahorse.

Set 10: Kangaroo, Orang-Utan, Tiger, Koala Bear and Langur.

Set 11: Bison, Bluebird, Bullfrog, Wild Boar and Raccoon.

Set 12: Penguin, Seal Puppy, Husky, Walrus and Polar Bear.

These set are easily distinguished from the early whimsies by ridges on the base of each figure (like sandpaper has been used).

Wade Whimsies are on sale every Sunday at Errol Car Boot Sale, prices vary according to the condition and rarity of each individual figurine, but many are priced at £1 making collecting affordable for anyone

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