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Emily McGregor

Emily from Perth to represent UK at ‘Roverway 2024’ Scout event in Norway

Emily McGregor, a student from Perth is set to represent the UK in Norway at the European Scout event, Roverway 2024. Set on the beautiful fjord coastline of Lundsneset, Stavanger, the event will be the opportunity of a lifetime where she will be able to immerse herself in adventure and Scandinavian culture.

Roverway is a gathering of 5,000 Scouts aged 16 – 22 years old, from across Europe. The last Roverway was held in the Netherlands in 2018. The event is divided into three parts beginning with an expedition across Southern Norway for five days, followed by an international camp at Stavanger where Scouts will engage in a programme of Scouting activities and skill development, before culminating in a ferry trip to visit Copenhagen in Denmark.

Emily, aged 15 years old who has also been awarded the Gold Chief Scout’s Award and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award for her involvement in Scouting said, ‘Going to Roverway will allow me to learn more about other people’s thoughts, beliefs and cultures. I enjoy my time in scouting as a young person and feel that by meeting and talking to as many people as I can on Roverway will allow me to develop and learn, enabling me to become a more rounded person. This opportunity will allow me to come back a more educated and insightful human. I would also like to make new international friends.’

The 550 UK Scouts at the event will be supported by over 100 volunteers, they will join 5,000 other Scouts from almost every European nation to embark on 15 days of adventure, fun, and learning skills for life. The theme of the event is ‘North of the Ordinary’. Roverway helps participants develop independence and resilience on its young participants by starting with a youth-led five-day expedition across Norway to encourage this.

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls wished Emily well by saying, ‘A massive congratulations to Emily who has been selected to represent the UK at Roverway 2024. Roverway is an amazing opportunity to discover yourself and make new friends, whilst participating in a programme that demonstrates true Scouting spirit by developing skills for life. I’d just like to say good luck to our brilliant UK Contingent in their preparation for the event. They will be heading off on the trip of a lifetime to a beautiful destination in Stavanger. The diversity of people they will meet will remind us all about what the world has to offer: they will experience new cultures and make many new friends, becoming ever more tolerant and caring about others through this experience.’

Further Information

  • The 7th Roverway in Norway takes place from 22nd July to 2nd August 2024, with a special event just for the UK Contingent in Copenhagen from 2nd to 5th August 2024.
  • The Jamboree will be held in Lundsneset, Stavanger, Norway.
  • The first Roverway was held in Portugal in 2003, the most recent one to be held was in 2018 in the Netherlands.
  • The event is organised by the European Scout Region
  • For more information about the UK Team please visit

About Scouts

  • Scouts, the world’s largest youth movement, was founded on 1 August 1907.
  • In the UK, Scouts is supported by The Scout Association, enabling 7,000 Scout Groups across the country to provide opportunities to over 444,000 young people aged 4-25.
  • There are now more than 587,500 individuals actively involved in Scouts in the UK.
  • All genders, races and backgrounds are welcome at Scouts. Every week, it gives almost half a million people aged 4-25 the skills they need for school, college, university, the job interview, the important speech, the tricky challenge and the big dreams: the skills they need for life.  
  • Scouts helps members gain these skills by encouraging them to ask the big questions and listen with wide open minds. It helps them to take a deep breath and speak up, think on their feet, ignore the butterflies and go for it. With Scouts, young people don’t give up – they get back up and try again, often with the support of the friends they’ve made there.  
  • Over 200 activities are offered by Scouts around the UK, from canoeing and caving to coding and community projects, made possible by the efforts of over 163,000 adult volunteers.
  • Worldwide, Scouts has over 57 million members, both male and female, and operates in nearly every country in the world.
  • UK Scouts has over 250 Scout Activity Challenge badges. These require participants to achieve a level of understanding and skill realistic and appropriate to their age range.