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RoSPA issues ice safety advice as weather conditions worsen across UK

(RoSPA) The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is deeply saddened by the tragic events at Babbs Mill Park, Kingshurst in Solihull, and extends its condolences to the families and communities impacted by the news.

RoSPA is urging people across Britain to be especially cautious around open waters during the current extreme weather conditions that Britain is facing.

With news of the Met Office’s current yellow weather warning, where temperatures are set to drop as low as -15 in parts of Britain, RoSPA is concerned that icy conditions could result in further harm.

David Walker, Head of Road and Leisure Safety, said“With the current weather conditions as they are, it’s important that people are especially careful around open waters. If you encounter somebody who is in trouble on or near ice, it’s vital that you don’t go in too.

“Call the emergency services on 999. If you can, find an object like a pole or a life-ring that they can hold onto and help them stay afloat.”

Key ice safety advice

If someone falls through the ice:

  • Call the emergency services
  • Do not attempt to go out on to the ice yourself
  • Tell the person to stay still to maintain heat and energy
  • Try finding something which will extend your reach, such as a rope, pole or branch
  • Throw the object out and, once ensuring you are stable on the bank either by lying down or having someone hold on to you, pull them in
  • If you cannot find something to reach with, try finding an object that will float and push that out to them
  • Ensure that you keep off the ice at all times during the rescue, continue to reassure the casualty and keep them talking until help arrives
  • Once the person has been rescued, keep them warm and take them to hospital even if they appear to be unaffected
  • Image by Piotr Arłukowicz from Pixabay